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Piltown, Drogheda, Meath, Ireland

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Eureka trailers are a long established trailer manufacture in Piltown, Drogheda, County Meath and can build all types of agriculture trailers.
Eureka trailers manufactures agriculture trailers include, silage, cattle, tipping, corn, low loaders, feeder, transport, flat, sheep, lorry and dual tipping trailers.
As an established trailer manufacturer Eureka trailers are the ideal choice to repair any type of trailer that may need maintenance. We can repair the following trailer faults including: flooring, sides, drawbars, tipping, rams, brakes, wheels, axels and trailer body’s.
Eureka trailers are available to manufacture trailers to your own design and to your own trailers sizes, whether you are looking for a special design for a promotional trailer or a simple one to transport your dog. Having designed all typed of trailers Eureka trailers have the knowledge and expertise in building large and small trailers and they will know what type of trailer will best suite your needs.
Eureka trailers are available in the following ranges including: galvanised, steel floor, wooden floor, dog, promotional, jeep, car, small trailers and van trailers.
Eureka trailers carries our engineering work from their division in Piltown Drogheda County Meath. We have all the lifting and welding equipment required to carry out any projects you may require. Having the right equipment means that your work gets done quicker thus giving you a cost effective service.
Eureka Trailers is available to give free engineering estimates.
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