Hours : 8AM - 8PM, Monday - Sunday
Tel: 01 254 8255
Suite 30, Ground Floor, Anglesea House, Carysfort Avenue, Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland
Contact person: Oisin McHale
Web Site: Web Site
Category:  Painters and Decorators  

Painterly Company Description

Painterly are a top class painting and decorating contractor based in Dublin. They have been rated as the very top expert painters in all of Ireland. They can take care of a huge array of jobs and projects from interior, exterior house and office painting, wallpapering, garden painting and dry wall repair and installation. All of their tradesmen are reliable, punctual, trustworthy, fully insured and background tested. No job is too big or small.

Painterly Products and Services

Interior House Painting    Interior House Painting
Exterior Home Painters    Exterior Home Painters
Commercial Painting Contractors    Commercial Painting Contractors

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