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11 Loftus Lane, Belmont, Aikens Village, Stepaside, Dublin 18, Ireland

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Céad Míle Focal provides the following services:
Translation Services (English to Irish and Irish to English)
We provide a top-class translation service for all types of material, the service is friendly and personal and the work is delivered on time.
Proofreading/Editing Services
If your document is already in Irish but you want to bring it up to the highest standard, Céad Míle Focal will be available for proofreading/editing.
Language Assistance
Irish grinds for secondary school students and 3rd level students, answers to grammar questions, guidance for the new Official Standard for Irish grammar and a language and grammar consultancy service for organisations and individuals.
Irish for Businesses
Céad Míle Focal is available to help businesses who would like to attract more customers by having a distinctly Irish flavour to their services. Whether it be the translation of signage within the premises, the use of Irish outside the premises, the translation of menus for a restaurant or the translation of the business' website, Céad Míle Focal will be there to translate, support and advise.
For more information, see our website: www.ceadmilefocal.ie

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